About Us


Metta, in traditional Pali, is the practice of Loving-kindness.  It is a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings, without exception.  This practice must start with you FIRST.  We start with self-love and then we send loving vibrations to our families, friends, community members, the world and even the challenging people in our lives.  The ONLY way to transmute relations is through sincere loving vibrations.

It is in this way that Metta Lifestyle opens its arms to the world. We are a lifestyle collection that focuses on the myriad of expression that each and every beautiful individual has inside.  Metta lives at the nexus of mindfulness, health, and the contemporary urban lifestyle.

Our company is the visionary brainchild of veteran designer Huma Aslam who is truly a modern global nomad. Metta embodies her desire to truly make the world a better place and be our best selves, and as a result, it is a fresh take on yoga & meditation products and the meditative lifestyle. Stepping away from the limited traditional options that clash with the modern world and true expression, Metta offers style as unique as each and every one of us. 

Metta offers the very best in inspirational yoga tees, shawls, meditation cushions and accessories such as cell phone cases, but our products are just half of the picture. The other half is you.

Together we can blaze a trail forward to a better tomorrow. Together, we can bring peace, love, and understanding to each and every global citizen. All of us here at Metta are excited to share this wonderful journey with each and every one of you.

Whether world traveler, yoga novice, or a truly enlightened global citizen we are all in this together. With one foot planted in the traditions of the past and the other firmly rooted in the world of the future, Metta is a truly innovative lifestyle experience. We are part of the first of many steps to truly loving others—loving yourself. Our products help our loyal customers find their singular center and that’s where the process begins.

Built on the foundation of compassion, peace, love, and understanding Metta is, at our core, leaders in the love revolution.