About Us

Metta, in traditional Pali - the language of the Buddha, is the practice of Loving-kindness.  It is a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings, without exception.  This meditation practice must start with self love.  We start with sending loving vibrations to ourselves FIRST.  Then we send love to our families, friends, community members, the world and even the challenging people in our lives.  The ONLY way to transmute relations is through sending sincere loving vibrations.

We are a lifestyle collection that focuses on the myriad of expression that each and every beautiful individual has inside.  Metta lives at the nexus of mindfulness, health and well-being.  Creating a life around “wellthness" is the truth we strive for.

Whether world traveler, yogi or a truly enlightened global citizen we are all in this together. Metta is a truly innovative lifestyle experience. Our intention is to design and curate with love resulting in products that inspire our tribe to tune into their singular center and that’s where the process begins.  We aspire to inspire you through our product offerings which either remind you to connect to something beautiful, something inspirational, something that makes you feel good - it’s all about your feelings.  We hope that our products inspire you to tune into yourself and affirm that you are love, you are beauty, you are joy, you are wisdom, you are abundant.

Built on the foundation of compassion, peace, love, and understanding Metta Lifestyle is a leader in the love revolution.