At Metta Lifestyle we design and curate a lifestyle collection of apparel & accessories created with the intention of LOVE to inspire LOVE, starting with SELF LOVE.

Join us in the love revolution with the Metta Lifestyle tribe of conscious creators.

What is Metta?

Metta Lifestyle is a new expression of the convergence of the urban lifestyle and conscious living.  Metta Lifestyle aims to offer products for the conscious consumer who want to be inspired and be reminded of who they truly are - beings of pure love.

The Metta Lifestyle tribe works on building a foundation of love & connectedness to ourselves first.  Once we have that foundation of authenticity and embody who we truly are then we can connect to our communities and collectively we ascend.

Unity with the outside world can only happen when we connect to ourselves.

Our lifestyle collection is a perfect blend of worldly influences, urban functionality, and beauty.

The Metta Lifestyle tribe aims to give back and build strong communities. A percentage of all sales go to helping educate children in Africa.  Our goal is to help empower the youth with tools such as education and meditation to foster their inner well being and lead them to creating healthy, happy, successful lives.

Explore our collections today, and whatever you do, remember love heals - heal thyself.